Why you should be worried about the sky drone

By Dr. Matthew O’DonnellPosted February 19, 2018 08:21:25The skies are filled with drones, but there are some concerns that they’re being used in the wrong places.

A recent article by Medical News Now suggests that these fears are overblown, and that they could be dangerous to humans.

“The sky drone is now widely used in many places.

But it’s also being used inappropriately,” said Dr. Matt O’Brien, a senior physician and president of the American Medical Association.

“It’s not used in places where it’s safe.

It’s used in areas where it can be harmful.”

He says that in recent years, drones have been used to track suspected drug smugglers, but they’re also used in remote locations where they’re difficult to monitor.

“There’s a whole bunch of problems with these drones,” O’Connor said.

“They can be used for something that’s not really safe, or something that might be dangerous, and they could also be used to target other aircraft.

They’re being deployed at dangerous times, and it’s not clear how they’ll be used safely.”

He also said that it’s likely that drones will be used in military and law enforcement settings for surveillance purposes, as well as military-type missions.

The article also noted that the sky drones are now used for a range of activities that aren’t always safe, such as surveilling people.

“These are drones that are being used for surveying people and for surveilling vehicles,” Odoin said.

He added that the use of drones in these settings can also be problematic.

“It can be hard to know if they’re actually doing surveillance or not, because they can be flying around and they can’t always be in sight,” Olin said.

“You have to be very careful when using these to do surveillance, because the aircraft can be easily detected.”

There are a number of concerns about the use and safety of drones, and what we can do about it.

In addition to the safety concerns, Odoino said that the lack of transparency around these devices also presents an obstacle for privacy.

“If the government wants to know what you’re doing in the sky, they should be able to do it,” ODoin said, adding that privacy should be protected.

“Privacy is very important.

If the government is monitoring you, you should know about it.”

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