Which drone can beat the US military’s drone fleet

Fox Sports has unveiled a new drone, the Skydio, that can take on the US Air Force’s drone squadrons.

The drone’s name means “Skydio” in Spanish and “Drones” in English, which are both slang terms for drones, but the drone will be marketed as the US Military’s “Dangerous Drones” instead of the military’s own “Dangers of the Drone.”

“It’s about fighting the enemies of our country, protecting our freedom and our democracy,” US Army Brigadier General Kevin Tromp told Fox News.

“And we’re going to make sure that our people are safe, that we’re protecting our homeland and our interests and that our drones are being used as they were designed to be used.”

The Skydios first flew in 2014 as part of the Air Force Drone Strike, a program aimed at protecting American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The program was shut down last year and has been replaced by the new Drone Strike.

The Skyds also can fly autonomously.

“It’s a really simple concept, it’s a drone, it can operate autonomously,” Tromfon said.

“You just take a video of it and you upload it to YouTube.”

Tromp said that the drone can operate in the air for up to a half hour.

The Skydias capabilities include remote control of the drone and communication with other drones on the same base.

The drones are currently deployed at military bases around the country.

The US Air Forces Drone Strike program was suspended after the 2014 shutdown.

The US Army Air Force announced in 2016 that it had received orders for up 1,000 Skydies to replace its aging drones, including those that have crashed in Afghanistan.