When you’re flying your drone, the sky’s your limit

The sky’s the limit for drone pilots, and SkyRider is no exception.

The $40 SkyRiders drone features a 3D camera, two high-powered motors, and an IR camera that captures images of the skies around it, making it perfect for aerial photography.

It also features a custom flight controller and is available to buy now from the SkyRIDER website for $40.

SkyRanger, the name of the drone, is the first drone with an IR-detecting camera, allowing users to capture images from any angle, according to the company.

You can even see the ground through the camera, and it’s capable of capturing videos as well.

Skyrider was first unveiled back in December, and the company has been working on a more advanced version since then.

Skyrider is currently in its first beta testing phase.

Its flight controller will be released to the public soon, and will allow users to fly it with the option of the 3D mode.

If you want to take the Skyrider with you on a trip, check out the video below to see how it’s built.

Skyride The Skyride has a 4K camera with a 360-degree view of the sky.

It is capable of taking 4K video and images.

If it’s too expensive for you, you can also buy a camera kit that will work with it.

Sky Rider will be available for $80.