What you need to know about the Nerf Drone Motor

Fox News reported Friday that the Nerft Drone Motor is designed to mimic the behavior of an actual drone.

The Nerft drone motor has a propeller that’s more like a rotary blade than a propellor.

It also has a metal body and has a very small motor that’s only 0.16 inches in diameter.

The motor has two parts: a propellers head, and a rotator assembly that’s attached to a blade.

The propellers and the rotator also have a small amount of energy that the motor can use to power the propeller.

The rotor has a small battery, and it’s connected to the motor via a small, flexible cable.

It’s not clear how long the motor will last.

It will probably be a few years before you can use the Nerfts drone motor.

The company is currently working on a bigger, more powerful drone motor that it’s calling the NerFTiD.

The drone motor will probably last a few more years.