Walmart drones show, drone delivery, Amazon drones

Walmart drones showed off a new drone delivery delivery service for its employees.

The Walmart drone show at the company’s campus in Fayetteville, Arkansas, featured a drone that had been specially modified for the company.

The drone is a drone with a GPS receiver mounted on the top, which can detect the location of its owner.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said that a Walmart employee could order a drone from Walmart, send it to the customer’s location and then deliver it.

Walmart also showed off the Amazon drone, which was designed for small deliveries.

The Amazon drone can be used for delivery of groceries, but can also be used to deliver packages to Amazon customers, McMillon explained.

The Amazon drone is designed to deliver items to customers in their homes.

McMillon said in a statement that the Walmart drone showed off how the company can make customers happy, whether it’s by making them more satisfied with their products or making them happy with their service.

Walton says its drone delivery service is the most efficient way for customers to get their products to their doorsteps.

Walmond says it has a fleet of more than 1,500 drones in its warehouses and on its property in the United States.

The company says the drone delivery technology could cut down on some of the costs associated with the drone, according to the company, which will debut the drone in stores in November.