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The company, based in Texas, plans to launch the UAV-T on Monday, with the ability to autonomously land in the ground and return to the air within a few hours, according to the company.

It will also offer a “robot air taxi,” which the company says is similar to the one used in a Tesla Model S, and can travel a distance of up to 100 miles, according a press release.

The UAVs range is limited to 20 minutes at a time, which is about the length of a typical flight.

While the drone is the most expensive UAV in the world, the UAS company says the drone’s high speed and accuracy will allow it to deliver a payload of up 30 kilograms of medical-grade medicine, or more than 10,000 pounds of groceries.

The drone will also be able to fly for up to eight hours at a high altitude, making it a potential “landing platform” for disaster relief, according the press release, which noted that the drone will have a range of over 100 miles.

The company says it plans to have the drone flying in the U.S. by mid-2017.

The $3 million drone is being built by a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp. of St. Louis, Missouri, and is expected to cost about $3.5 million to make, according UAV World.

UAV Global, a subsidiary in India, was also behind the drone and is also looking to market the drone.

The FAA’s new regulations require a drone to be “self-propelled,” meaning it will be powered by the same batteries as a vehicle, and the drone must be designed to fly within 10 feet of the ground.

The rules also prohibit drone aircraft from being “operating within 100 feet of populated areas,” which is why UAV drones are also prohibited from operating over water, including in waters off the coast of New York.

Apple’s drone to be the world’s cheapest drone

Apple has confirmed that it is working on a drone with a price tag of less than $500, saying the device will be “the world’s cheap drone”.

Apple announced the drone in a blog post on Tuesday, revealing the product would launch in 2020 and cost “only $500”.

The drone, which is expected to be smaller than a shoebox, will use Apple’s XPS 10 tablet and Apple Watch Series 3 to fly, which it will use to deliver goods to its retail outlets and Apple’s online stores.

Apple also revealed the drone would have “the same range and capability of Apple’s current offerings”.

While the drone will be a low-cost model, the drone is expected be priced at around $1,000-$2,000.

The drone will also feature a high-definition camera system, the ability to send images back to the drone’s smartphone and the ability for the drone to fly up to 20 metres.

Apple’s drone is a big departure for the company, with its earlier announcements of a drone called Xtreme that was meant to be cheaper than a standard quadcopter, and later, an electric drone called the iRobot iRobotic Roomba.

The iRobotics Roombas drone has already been used by Apple in its stores.

However, this drone is said to be much smaller than the Roombasis drone, and will be powered by batteries and powered by its own solar panels.

Apple has also confirmed the drone won’t have GPS, and that the drone has a battery that can last for three years.

The price of the Apple drone is yet to be announced.