RCMP: Drone in remote Ontario farmland used for police investigation

The Mounties say they are investigating after a drone was used for surveillance in remote northwestern Ontario.

RCMP said on Thursday they were looking into the drone’s use in the community of Hennepin County near Oshawa, Ont.

The RCMP say the drone was flown from the Mounties’ Oshawa detachment and that a report will be submitted to the National Police Ombudsman.

Police in Canada’s Northwest Territories say they have received reports of a drone flying over their territory.

The Ministry of the Interior said in a statement that the RCMP is investigating.

The agency said it was not immediately clear how long the drone could be used.

A spokesperson for the National Security Agency said in an email that it was reviewing the reports.

The Canadian Press has contacted the Mountie detachment in Oshawa and the National Air Patrol in the Northwest Territories.