What you need to know about Phantom 3 drone

Drone battery manufacturers are facing a number of issues, and a recent survey by the Consumer Electronics Association found that over half of respondents had no confidence in their battery suppliers.

The Consumer Electronics Safety Commission (CES) has also recently released a report showing that the industry is facing a battery crisis.

One of the biggest issues is the use of drone batteries, which have grown in popularity over the past few years due to the popularity of video gaming and other popular applications.

While the industry has a number on its side, there are a number issues that have been revealed by a survey by CEOS.

Some drone batteries have a high rate of failure, while others are over-charged, and some batteries have issues with poor battery life.

In the survey, consumers were asked about their use of drones, which were then rated by the industry’s top battery suppliers for quality and longevity.

For the Phantom 3, the industry responded with a battery that had an overall rating of 90 out of 100, which is lower than most other drones on the market.

This comes after the battery manufacturers had to address a number concerns related to the battery, with CEOS saying the battery was rated to a point of failure.

CEOS said that in addition to the drone battery’s overall rating, the drone batteries also had a number that were rated as “moderate to high failure”.

“A moderate failure rate would mean that the battery would fail less often than the manufacturer indicated,” the survey stated.

It’s not the first time the industry faced a battery problem with a Phantom 3.

In 2014, CEOS reported that the manufacturer of the Phantom 2 drone battery had to recall the battery due to problems with the battery.

According to CEOS, the manufacturer also received an additional recall from a battery supplier, which resulted in the battery being re-tested and re-released.

However, it appears that CEOS will be focusing on the battery issues for the Phantom 4, with the report stating that the manufacturers will look to use a “dynamic pricing system” to determine the price of batteries.