Cat drone: Cat-dropper to replace car?

A cat drone is being touted as a way to reduce congestion in Melbourne’s CBD.

The cat-dropped drone is a remote-controlled car that’s powered by electricity.

It can be fitted to vehicles that are parked on top of a parking garage.

Cat-droppers are becoming increasingly popular, and are becoming more common because of cheaper and easier access to electricity.

In September, a cat-drone was sold for $20,000.

Its makers say they are the first to manufacture a drone with a remote control capability, and they’re aiming to build a fleet of cat drones by 2021.

The company behind CatDropper, CatTech, says the device will be used in homes, offices and retail.

Cats are the most common domestic pet in the world, and have been used in the UK as well as Australia.

But while cats are well known as a pet, their use in commercial applications has been controversial.

The US Government says the use of cats as pets is a form of “pet slavery”.

In 2016, the US banned the use and trafficking of cats in the country, but cats continue to be used as pets.

In 2015, the UK banned the pet trade altogether.

The Australian Government has also proposed a cat drone to replace the city’s car parking garage, and it’s the first time the Government has proposed legislation to allow for such a move.

Cat tech firm CatTech CEO Dr Richard Pinder said the company had developed CatDroppers to “deliver a unique and exciting service to the community”.

He said it was an “experimental product” that was the first in the market.

“We believe this technology is uniquely suited to meet our clients’ needs.”

CatDropper is a small drone that attaches to a vehicle and will deliver packages of food to the driver’s seat.

Dr Pinder says it can deliver a package in three minutes, and costs about $15.

“Our aim is to enable customers to access affordable and environmentally friendly services that will benefit the environment,” he said.

“The product is simple, easy to operate and has the potential to transform the way people engage with their pets.”

The CatTech CatDroplets can be attached to a car, or attached to the side of a building.

The product’s makers say the drone will be “available at a fraction of the cost of a car”.

CAT Tech is offering CatDropping as a free trial for existing CatTech customers.