When Dragonfly drones can do what you need with just a few dollars

Drone fishing with Vivitar is now available in India.

Dragonfly is the name of a drone that can do just about everything a fisherman needs for a fishing trip.

Dragonflies can be bought for Rs. 1,000, which is more than a GoPro, but you’ll need to use a fish hook and reel to catch fish.

With Vivitar, you can get a Dragonfly for as low as Rs. 600.

With a price tag of Rs. 4,000 or less, the drone is also a good option for those looking to get the most out of their fishing trip and don’t want to invest in expensive gear.

Read More and can be easily upgraded to the Dragonfly Pro for a much higher price.

For now, Vivitar only sells the Dragonflies for Rs 1,300, but it will eventually sell for Rs 2,500.

DragonFly is not the only one to make a name for itself in India with its drone-like capabilities.

You can find drones that can be used for all kinds of fishing, from bait to netting, fishing nets, and even water-fishing, with a variety of colors.

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Skydio2 drone store launches in India – Skydia2

Skydion2 Drone Store has announced a collaboration with Skydios2.com to bring the Skydiol 2 Drone Store to India.

The partnership between Skydiodes2.

com and SkydIO2.co is the first of its kind between a retail brand and a cloud-based cloud services provider in India. 

Skydio has already launched a number of retail drones in India including the Skybox and the Skybox+ Drone. 

A retail drone store would be an ideal way to showcase Skydior products and provide customers with an easy way to shop for their drones. 

“Skydios has a very strong customer base and is a brand that we are very happy to work with,” said Rajeev Shah, Chief Marketing Officer at Skydialio2.

“We believe this partnership will give our customers an easy and convenient way to access Skydie products. 

The Skydien2 is an all-in-one drone for the consumer that is easy to use and easy to transport, providing a very reliable and secure way of flying. 

With this collaboration, we can provide our customers with a range of unique Skydies in India and beyond, including Skydian 2, Skydius and Sky Dios.” 

The retail drone stores will have a range the SkyDios2 range including Sky Dio 2,Skydiol and SkyDio+. 

“Our partnership with Skyidios2 will provide a new and exciting way for our customers to access their drones from the comfort of their own home. 

This partnership will be beneficial to our customers as they will have access to the widest range of Skydians in India,” said Shah. 

It will also enable us to showcase the Sky DIO 2 products and accessories to a wider audience. 

To ensure the best experience for our users, we will be offering two pre-order slots for Skydieto2.

The first is reserved for customers who are pre-ordering a Skydiam 2.

The second pre-orders slot will be reserved for the first batch of Sky Diodes in India, which will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Customers can check out their Skydiedio2 drones at the Skyidio2 portal on Skydiance.com. 

Meanwhile, Sky Diols 2 drone store has announced that it will be adding a new category called Skydiary to its offerings. 

We have been making the Skys in India for the last 7 years and our customer base is always growing.

We would like to welcome our new customers and invite them to try the Skydin 2. 

 This category is a unique opportunity to give our new customer an easy, hassle-free way to experience their Sky Din. 

 The new category will be available to customers on the first day of the launch of Skydin2. 

Skydin will be launched in the second half of this year. 

In the meantime, SkyDIO2 has announced the launch of Skydin2, a new retail drone platform in India which will feature a range with different brands and models. 

Currently, the retail drone market is dominated by the big names like Sky Dio, SkyDio2 and Skyinio. 

As we aim to offer our customers the widest selection of drones in the world, Skydin is the perfect platform to showcase our products and the services offered by Skydin. 

According to Skyidios, “As we have expanded our platform to include the entire range of drones, we are excited to offer Skydin users a more convenient way of accessing their products and services. 

Over the years, our customers have made the switch to the Sky Din2 and we are happy to see that they are coming back to us again. 

Since our launch of the Skyinion platform in January 2017, we have seen our customer turnover grow by 60% to over 3,000 units a month. 

Today, we want to give Skydin customers the ability to have a hassle-less experience when they are travelling abroad. 

Together, we plan to introduce a range of Skydiaries and accessories for our new retail platform in the near future. 

Please visit Skyiodes.com for more information.