Amazon’s $19.7 billion drone deal with Drone Systems could mean Amazon gets a bigger piece of drone technology

Amazon is in talks with drone maker Drone Systems about buying the drone maker’s $9 billion acquisition of drone maker Phantom Robotics, according to people familiar with the matter.

The move comes as Amazon prepares to announce a new drone delivery service, AmazonFresh, that will offer customers a variety of items from meat to groceries.

Drone Systems, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has about 40 employees and has made drones for the military and police.

The deal could signal that Amazon is looking to invest in drone technology, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private.

Drones are widely used in the delivery of packages and parcels, and the companies are expected to announce the terms of the deal later this month, said one of the people.

In its press release, Drone Systems said it will be able to “provide customers with high-quality, affordable drones for delivery to select customers.”

Drones have become an increasingly popular delivery method because of their ability to fly for long periods of time and they can carry packages, often in a compact box, to customers.

Drone technology has advanced dramatically since the mid-1990s, but Amazon has been slow to adopt drone technology.

It has invested in drones to deliver packages to consumers and for other purposes, such as medical devices, according the company.

But Amazon has largely shunned drones for its own drone delivery business, which has had limited success.

A representative for Drone Systems did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Drydrones are a relatively new technology.

The U.S. government has not required that companies make them available to the public, but it has set a voluntary requirement that they be sold to the government, a federal law known as the FAA.

The drone industry has struggled to make drones commercially viable.

They are mostly designed to carry packages for AmazonFresh and other companies, but the U.K.-based manufacturer has not been able to build a commercially viable drone that can fly for longer than three minutes.

How to make a drone jamming drone, Walmart drones

Walmart has launched a drone drone jammeister, and you’re invited to try it out for yourself.

Walmart is selling a drone for $1,500 that can make the Walmart DroneJammerâ„¢ a remote drone for up to 15 minutes.

The Walmart Drone Jammerâ„¢ is available online and in Walmart stores.

You can check it out in Walmart locations in Australia and New Zealand starting today.

The Walmart Dronejammerâ„¢ costs $1.50 for the single unit or $2.99 for the three-pack, which comes with a drone camera, battery, a USB cable, two remote controls, and a case.

It’s also available in the Walmart Store and on Walmart’s online store.

If you’re looking for a more advanced drone jammy, Walmart is also offering a $3,500 drone jamminder, which is the same as the Walmart drone, but comes with an additional remote control.

The Walmart drone jammers come in two sizes: the single-pack and three-packs.

The single-packs include the drone camera and remote controls.

The three-bags come with a battery, USB cable and case.

Walton Walmart stores will be offering the Walmart drones in stores beginning on March 17.

Walmart stores in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom will be able to begin selling Walmart drones on March 22.