How to use your drone to create amazing photos

With drones and apps coming to life, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some tips for creating awesome drone photos and videos, whether you’re in a field or on a vacation.


Use a tripod and be careful with the camera’s exposure The best camera settings will make it easier for you to get the shot you want.

Try and get the camera at an angle, or at the center of the frame.


Use the camera as a lens and not as a camera source Business Wire (US) title Drone Photography Tips: Keep Your Lens Clean article Get your lenses cleaned and aligned, and if possible, use a filter to remove unwanted noise.


Use an umbrella and a tripod to get a shot source Business 360 (US, Canada) title 6 tips to keep your drone safe article Take a look at these tips for keeping your drone flying safely: • Don’t stand too close to your drone source BusinessInsider (US and Canada) • Take the time to check the battery level before flying to ensure you don’t accidentally charge the battery.

• Take a closer look at your batteries to ensure they are not corroded.


Use your camera to shoot a wide-angle shot instead of a narrow-angle source BusinessWire (US), Business Insider, Business Insider Canada (US/Canada)