How to use drones to fly over NYC to photograph skyscrapers

Drone apps like Flyby Drone, Flyby Fly, and the Flyby App are increasingly being used by people to fly above Manhattan buildings.

But for the past few years, they’ve been the focus of intense debate, particularly in New York City.

In October of 2016, an unmanned drone was involved in a crash near the New York Stock Exchange, injuring five people.

The crash was captured on video by a local news station.

New York State Police said that it was “an intentional act.”

The incident was the first time a drone had crashed in New Yorker’s history, but that doesn’t mean it’s off the table for the next generation of drone enthusiasts.

In New York, drone operators are already using drones to capture video of skyscrapes, and they’ve also used drones to help locate missing people.

In August, the NYPD announced a pilot program that would allow people to use their drones for aerial surveillance and crime mapping, but it wasn’t clear if the drone operators would be allowed to fly the drones over the city.

A month later, the city’s Board of Elections announced that it had approved an ordinance that would create an unmanned aircraft operator training program.

The pilot program will allow drone operators to apply to be drone operators in the city of New York.

This year, the FAA is preparing regulations for drones, which will be subject to a new rule, the Federal Aviation Administration.

But the FAA has not yet published rules for unmanned aircraft over populated areas, like airports or museums, according to the FAA.