How to get an Inspire 2 drone to register and fly

In a new video, Inspire creator and drone hobbyist Mike Haines explains how to register, upload and fly a drone that he calls Inspire II.

Hainess says the Inspire can be yours for less than $1,000 and is perfect for the drone enthusiast who is looking for a new hobby.

“I love flying drones and I love flying for myself and my family,” he says.

“It’s like having a baby, a vacation or a weekend and you want to get out there and fly the little bird and it’s all for the love of flying.”

Inspire will work with any drone you want and will connect you with the right drone dealer and service provider.

“When you order from me and I fly my drone, I get a list of all the drone dealers and I know what drones they sell, how much they sell it for and I can contact the manufacturer directly,” he said.

“So you get all the information that you need and the drone that I fly it from the drone dealer.

You can buy a drone from the manufacturer for $100 or $150.

I have a list for that and that’s a lot of money.”

Hainestes says the drone can be used for things like photography, aerial photography and video and that he will sell it to people he meets in his field.

“You can have it for a couple of weeks and then you just go and do something else with it,” he explained.

“If you want it for photography, you can get it for $1 a week, but if you want a camera for video, you will have to pay $1 for a month, or $5 for a year.”

Hainsons Inspire video was released on Monday and has already been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube.

Hainss video is the second part of a series on drone ownership and registration.

The first part was released in April.

The second part is about registering and flying a drone.

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