How to build a drone from scratch

izamani forge drones are some of the most popular drone companies in the world.

They make drones for the aerospace and defense industries.

But a recent report found that they have also become a major source of complaints for the Chinese military, who claim they have damaged the aircraft’s ability to communicate and fly.

The report from a Chinese academic and military expert, released in April, alleged that Chinese fighter jets had used drones that were not designed to fly autonomously and were not equipped with the advanced sensor and communications systems required for drone-to-drone communication.

The researchers also alleged that the aircrafts radar systems could not be independently controlled, that the radios were not working properly and that the drones’ cameras were not accurate enough to provide precise images of their targets.

The drones are now used by Chinese forces, who say they have been able to detect them and shoot down the aircraft.

The Chinese military has accused the researchers of spreading false information about the aircraft and saying the Chinese have no plans to use the drones for aerial surveillance.