Google’s drone delivery service, Dji, launches its first UK delivery

Google is set to launch its drone delivery platform in the UK next month.

The new drone delivery delivery service will allow anyone to order a drone from the Google Maps app, where the drone can be delivered to their doorstep in minutes, reports The Independent.

Google’s first UK drone delivery app will allow customers to order up to 12 drones in a matter of minutes, The Independent reports. 

The drone delivery system will be based on the same Google Maps platform as its existing drone delivery offerings in the US and Europe, according to The Independent, which says the new system will also feature new features like pre-boarding and drone pick-up. 

This means that if you’re flying your drone to the office, you will have more control over where you put your drone, as well as having the option of ordering up to twelve drones in one sitting, which is much more efficient than a pre-purchase, Google says.

Google says that the drones can be picked up in a number of ways, including from a drone pick up truck, a drone delivery truck, and from a public transportation system.

Customers will also be able to have the drones delivered to the same location, rather than being tracked to the nearest delivery truck.

Google says that drones can also be delivered directly to an address in the city, but this is still not available.

Google is also introducing a drone pickup service in the U.K. and Europe for drone delivery.

These drones will be delivered via a drone truck to the address on the app, and then taken to the pickup truck, where they will be parked for the delivery.

The pickup truck will then pick up the drones, which will be picked-up at the truck.

Google Maps is set up to provide the drone delivery functionality in the app.

This means that Google Maps will be able provide the tracking information about the drone pickup, and provide the option to place the drones at your door.

This feature is not currently available in the Google app in the United States.

Google has previously launched a drone drop-off service in Australia.

This service has been available since December 2016.

Google also launched a mobile drone delivery product, the Dji drone delivery, in Australia in May.

Dji is set for a launch in October 2017 in the British capital, London. 

Google’s drone deliveries platform will be the second drone delivery provider in the country, following delivery service AirBnB.