Flir drone to be launched in India and US soon

Flir drones are one of the first commercial drones to be released into the Indian market, according to an Indian company.

The Flir Drones are capable of delivering food, medical supplies and even small animals.

They are powered by solar panels and the drone is able to travel up to 500 meters.

The drone will be launched on January 31.

India’s drone maker Flir has been testing drones in the Indian markets since 2010.

It plans to bring out the Flir Drone in the near future.

Flir recently announced that it had raised $6.3 million from investors in India.

Flir drones have been used by various industries in India, including food, agriculture, construction and logistics.

Flirs drones have already been tested in the country and the company is planning to launch more products in the coming years.

Flairs drones have a maximum range of 2,000 meters, and can fly for up to 8 hours on battery power.