Drone owner says he’s ‘outraged’ by US drone strike

Drone owner John Buehler says he was “outraged” when a drone he was renting from a company called ProFly was shot down by US officials.

“I’m really, really angry right now,” he told Axios.

“They’ve shot down my drone and now I’m being told I can’t fly it again.”

Buehl, a retired NASA engineer, has used ProFly drones to fly recreational, hobby and commercial missions for more than a decade.

He told Axos that the drone he rented from ProFly on October 5, when the strike occurred, had been “firing its batteries on and off.”

The drone was renting at $350 a month.

But Buellers drone was targeted in a targeted strike on the drone’s batteries.

The company has since released a statement on its website, saying it is working with authorities to ensure its drone will be back in service.

The statement says: “The drone is still operational and we have no further information to share at this time.”

ProFly, which says its drone is certified for commercial use, is owned by the same company that runs Google’s autonomous aerial vehicles, which are also popular with drone pilots.

Buehlers drone, which he says is his only hobby drone, has been flying for more, more than 15 years.

The drone is a modified model of the DJI Phantom 2, which is one of the most popular drones in the industry.

The drones range in price from around $1,500 to more than $4,000.

ProFly CEO David Smith said that he was unsure if the drone was part of a larger fleet of drones, but he said that they would be looking into it.

Profly has a contract with the FAA to operate commercial drone flights within the United States.

Bues owner says his drone was shot by a US drone.

“We have no other information to say,” he said.

Smith said his company has no plans to remove the drone.”

That pilot was the pilot of that drone that was shot.”

Smith said his company has no plans to remove the drone.