Drone-assisted landings at Christmas in the NT, Queensland

Drone-accelerated landings in the New South Wales Northern Territory are being hailed as a “game changer” and “game-changing” for the region.

Key points:A total of 16 drones have landed in the Northern Territory so far, including one that landed on Christmas IslandThis is a major step in a process that has seen a number of unmanned aircraft land in the regionA pilot from a private drone company, DroneValkyrie, has been flying the aircraft for more than a year.

“It’s a game changer,” said DroneValkyres pilot Paul Joly.

“I think people will see it as a major positive, it’s not just about technology, but it’s about the way people interact with it.”

People will see this as a game-changer, something that will allow them to interact with their neighbours.

“The pilot says the new technology is a “win-win” for remote communities, the community and the commercial industry.”

They’ve made a huge difference,” he said.

The pilots are part of DroneVenture’s drone-accented fleet, which is now operating in four different areas of the Northern and Northern Territory.

The remote area is the first of the four in the Territory.

DroneVventure pilots are now operating the drones in the town of Gogarawa.”

We’ve been flying them for a year and they’ve been doing great,” pilot Joly said.”

In the town they’ve had some really nice, peaceful, calm moments with the locals.

“He said it was an experience that had been waiting for a while.”

The pilot of one of the planes has flown in and out of the town for the last three years,” he explained.”

He’s seen it all, he’s seen the effects of pollution, he has seen it in the area and he’s very much a part of it.

It’s all been quite interesting.

It’s not a typical, normal, ordinary day in Gogaroa.

“But this pilot was on the lookout for a drone and was willing to risk his life in a search for the craft.”

There’s always the fear of it crashing,” he told ABC Radio NT’s The Big Weekend.”

A little bit of worry, but I think the pilot’s going to have to fly the drone for a long time before he sees any signs of what might happen.

“The pilots have been flying for more like a year, and say the drones are making the area safer for locals and tourists.

The pilot said it would be an interesting time to see the remote community, once a tourist destination, become a commercial hub.”

Once we get the first aircraft out, it’ll start to change the landscape in the way the tourism industry looks at the remote communities,” he concluded.”

As far as the tourists, they’re looking at the drones, and the drones can do things that they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

“And that’s a good thing.”