Commercial drones to fly above New York City from drones in New York

Commercial drones are set to make their debut in New Jersey.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on Friday he would sign an executive order creating the New Jersey Drone Association.

The group has proposed flying commercial drones from the state’s borders to the US mainland, with New York’s New Jersey Department of Transportation in charge of the project.

The announcement follows the announcement of the state of the art drone demonstration facility at the University of New Jersey, where more than 200 drones were demonstrated last week.

New York has become a global hub for commercial drones after a federal judge ruled in December that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had overstepped its authority by allowing commercial flights of drones from New York to other states.

Last week, Christie signed a $4.5 billion package of state and local taxes that will be used to fund the state-run drone pilot training centre.

A drone is a unmanned aerial vehicle that can be flown for short periods of time.

A quadcopter is a larger version of a quadcopters that are capable of higher speeds.

The state-of-the-art drone demonstration centre is expected to open next year.