Air Force drone camera will take selfies with your dog

Air Force drones have a lot of fans, but it turns out the Air Force has something new to offer: A selfie camera.

The Air Force announced the drone camera Thursday that will record images of people, pets, and other objects for use in the Air and Space Forces’ drone operations.

The drone camera uses a high-resolution camera mounted on the side of the drone to capture 360-degree videos, which are then stored on a computer.

The video is then uploaded to a server and transmitted to the Air’s drone command and control system.

The military has been testing a drone camera since 2014, and the service has also been developing other drones that will do the same.

The Air Force said it hopes the drone’s ability to take 360-degrees video will help the Air force “provide a seamless way to capture real-time imagery for the benefit of both the ground and the air.”

The Air force is also planning to add a “virtual reality” mode that will allow the drone, like the Oculus Rift, to take stereoscopic 360-video footage.

The announcement comes just a few months after a US drone pilot, Mark Davis, used his GoPro to capture videos of his son, son-in-law, and their dog in the backyard.

The drone captured video of the dog’s “buzzing,” or barking, and Davis used it to help his son prepare for a medical evacuation.